Solcore Hackathon 2019

  • Dates: 18th-20th March 2019
  • Location: Jussieu (Université Pierre et Marie Curie / Sorbonne), Paris, France

Organised by:


The II Solcore Hackathon will take place for three days the next 18th-20th of March at Jussieu (Université Pierre et Marie Curie / Sorbonne), Paris, France. This event, organised by the COST Action Multiscale Solar, will bring together experts in modelling of solar cells and semiconductor materials with the single purpose of making Solcore a better tool, free and open source. If you do not know Solcore yet, check the main page. Please, ensure you get the last version of Solcore from the GitHub repository (master branch).

The specific goals of the Hackathon will be:

  • Improve existing capabilities, including:
    • Implementation of physical and mathematical models
    • Documentation
    • Examples
  • Create new built-in functionality
  • Interface Solcore with third-party tools
  • Expand the pool of Solcore users and their experience

The Hackathon is not a training school. Attendees are expected to have already some familiarity with Solcore by the time of the event in order to make the most of it. During the event, the attendees will be divided in different groups depending on their topic of interest (eg. quantum models for nanostructures, transport models, etc.), so they can share information, discuss the implementation of their ideas and combine their expertise. A mailing list involving all the registered attendees will be created and used as a discussion point during the summer to organise those groups and main areas of interest.


If you want to attend this event, please send an email with your details to James Connolly (